Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jonny Quest In 3-D!

Click image for a bigger version, cross your eyes until you get a middle view, focus on it and ENJOY the GROOVY 3-D...

I can't hardly get enough of Jonny Quest, one of the best cartoons that ever was. Did you know that it was originally broadcast in the evenings, not Saturday mornings? Did you know that it was originally supposed to be an animated version of the long-running children's adventure radio show "Jack Armstrong"? Did you know that Warner Brothers is working on ruining the great reputation of Jonny Quest by not only filming a live-action version, but also by using Zac Effron to play JQ and "The Rock" to play Race Bannon? TELL ME IT AIN'T SO! Urgh. I hope that Doctor Quest can whip up some sort of antiSUCK ray to fight this monstrously bad idea.

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