Saturday, May 15, 2010

Big Butter Jesus

During a recent trip near Dayton, Ohio, I took the advice of some strange friends and went to go visit the "Big Butter Jesus" - which is what some heathens call this huge statue of the big J. It's sort of yellowish-gray, and looks as if it might have been carved out of butter. Like for a state fair.

Some motorists get out of their cars and take a picture with three people to the right of the BBJ, making letters with their arms: "Y" (Jesus' letter), "M", "C", and "A". Yup - YMCA!

I just took a stereo photo of the big guy. First, click on the image to make it big, then cross your eyes until you get a third Jesus in the middle...focus, and there he is, in all of his three-dimensional glory!

Oh, and a STRANGE thing: my car's "Check Engine" light had been lit for about ten months - but just as I left the BBJ, the light turned off, and has remained off for several weeks now! NO JOKE. Hmmmm...

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