Friday, November 13, 2009

The Key To Reserva

A phenomenal advertisement by Freixenet: Martin Scorsese directs this "restoration" of a Hitchcock film that was never made (all that remains are the opening act and closing scene in script form).

Click HERE to see the film.

The great charm of this pastiche is due in no small part to the inclusion of actual "Hitchcock" music: pieces by the composer Bernard Herrmann (and I believe that these versions were also conducted by old "fire-and-brimstone" Herrmann). Be sure to watch for all of the tiny little nods to Hitch along the way...I especially liked the Richard Thorndike monogram.

It stars Simon Baker (Patrick Jane on tv's "The Mentalist"). I prefer him in this role, as he does not speak. Perfect.

One might consider this very high-brow Spinal Tap.

And these pre- and post-production shots are just great! Surprising how much we saw in the flick wasn't actually there! I wonder how Brian DePalma would have done on a project like this...

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